It was October 1st, 2008 when Annoor Academy of Chattanooga opened its doors with four students and two teachers. It was a small building but big enough to accommodate students up to third grade.

The next big challenge for the community was to develop and build the Islamic Center of Chattanooga to accommodate a masjid, gym and an Islamic school up to 8th grade at the land on Gunbarrel Road, Chattanooga, TN.

With the help of Allah SWT along with the hard work and dedication of the small Muslim community in Chattanooga, the project was completed in 2012. The new facility that is big enough for elementary and middle school, masjid to accommodate 600 worshipers, 22000 sq ft of gym and community entertainment areas.

Here at ISGC young Muslim American generation have the best of everything that any school can offer. Qualified (certified) and experienced teachers that teach them academic as well as Islamic religion and Arabic language. The technology is implemented in every aspect and field of education.

In a short span of seven years today by the grace of Allah Annoor Academy has seventy students. The school received accreditation early 2016.

As a small school with impressive ratio 1: 8 teacher to students, the budget challenge is paramount. Monthly deficit is too large to tackle on constant basis without the help of local and national donations.

Young students of Annoor Academy count on you to help. No donation is too small, and may Allah accept your (Sadaqa Jariah) and ongoing charity reward from Allah.


Annoor Academy is fully accredited by AdvanceED.

Annoor Academy of Chattanooga is a full-time Elementary and Preschool licensed by the state of Tennessee.

Annoor Academy of Chattanooga

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