Executive Summary

        Annoor Academy of Chattanooga is an independent faith-based PreK through 6th grade private school that serves the local community. Our school offers general academic instruction as well as religious education based on the teachings of Islam. Our small size fosters a close connection amongst students, staff, and families. We enjoy a wonderful ethnic mixture of nationalities across the globe including Middle Eastern, Pakistani, African-American, Indonesian, West African, Indian, North African, Bosnian, Hispanic, and Caucasian. Additionally, Annoor Academy families represent an array of socio-economic levels and career fields.

        To provide the best environment and education for our students, Annoor Academy requires ongoing professional development and training for all of our staff members. Instructional staff members are required to hold teacher certification. All of our academic teachers are state licensed, highly qualified teachers. All of our religious studies teachers are licensed and trained in their respective fields. Our academic and religious studies teachers participate in a wide variety of collaborative projects including professional learning communities, data action plan meetings, vertical planning meetings, school-based projects, event planning, and more.

        Annoor Academy of Chattanooga began in November 2009 as a ministry of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga based on the community’s strong desire for academic and religious education in a faith-based environment. The original founders and supporters of our school had a vision to provide quality education in an Islamic environment with a focus on empowering students with a strong Islamic identity. The original school building was housed in a 2300 square foot converted medical office. During the founding year, the school offered a Montessori-based preschool program with just 4 students enrolled. The following year, a Kindergarten class was added with the expectation of adding an additional grade level every year. The school quickly outgrew the space and moved to a newly constructed building of about 23,000 square feet on 2.75 acres in 2012. We currently offer PreK through 6th grade, and add an additional higher grade level every year based on the needs of our community. Our Kindergarten through 6th grade academic curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards for literacy and numeracy, the Next Generation Science Standards and Tennessee Science Standards for science, and the Tennessee Social Studies Standards for social studies; the Pre-K curriculum is based on the standards set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Our religious studies program is based on the teachings of Islam through the Quran and the Sunnah, and the An-Noraniah method of Quranic recitation.

        Over the last three years, we have experienced growth in enrollment, added additional grade levels, implemented the An-Noraniah Quranic recitation program, and provided services such as technology in the classroom, student enrichment electives, and literacy initiatives. Our students participate in a daily religious studies course such as Religious Text and Exegesis (Quran), Foreign Language (Arabic), Religious Studies (Islamic Studies), and Ethics (Character Education). To further instill an Islamic identity within our students, our religious studies teachers collaborate with academic teachers on specific academic subjects such as health, social studies, life science, human growth and development, creation, and vocabulary. Our school theme is “we are all friends” and students exemplify this through cooperative and collaborative positive interactions with each other. Our school rules are respect yourself, respect others, and respect our school.