Religious Education

        Parents enroll their children at Annoor Academy for a quality education in an Islamic environment. To help develop morally and spiritually-minded children, we offer the following religious studies courses: Religious Texts and Exegesis (Quran); Religious Studies (Islamic Studies); Foreign Language (Arabic); and Ethics (Character Education). Our character education program teaches about how to live responsibly and morally in accordance with our faith-based values. Students learn to apply Islamic etiquette and live wholesome lives as Muslims. In Islamic studies, students learn about the pillars of our Islam, religious history, and how to use faith as a guide in life. During Quran, students learn the background and essence of surahs as they memorize the surahs with tajweed. Our entire school PreK and up are participating in the An-Noraniah program! In Arabic, students learn modern Arabic as a world language. Our Religious Studies teachers participate in ongoing professional development and are exemplary in the student-focused teaching practices.