Academic Program

        For the academic program, Annoor Academy implements the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and TN Academic Standards. The rigorous implementation of the standards ensures an opportunity for students to make deeper connections as they build and learn new material. These connections create layers of questions and answers that serve to develop new knowledge while reinforcing existing knowledge.

        Specific academic resources include the Reading Street series, Envision Math program, MyWorld Social Studies textbooks, Interactive Science program, and Science: A Closer Look textbooks. In addition to these core texts, teachers supplement lessons with many exemplar materials. To further guide individualized and differentiated instruction, teachers include supplementary tools and sources, such as Words Their Way, The Fundations and Wilson Reading System, and the Rigby PM Benchmark. Teachers collect student data to guide instruction throughout the year. Our major assessments include the ITBS (Iowa exam) and Aimsweb universal screener and benchmarks.

        The academic program is supplemented by the enrichment program which includes physical education, health and wellness, tech time, and enrichment electives. Students have the opportunity to pursue deeper engagement of specific content through enrichment electives. These electives are areas of personal interest to students and teachers, which means that there is an additional time during the day for teachers and students to learn and grow together in the study of something that is beyond the standards, that is beyond textbooks, and that is beyond the limitations of a traditional classroom curriculum. Electives include Art, Math Olympiads, Weird Science, FLL Robotics, Track and Field, Videography, Islamic Art and Songs,Sports, Read Aloud, and more!