Curriculum Overview

        Annoor Academy of Chattanooga is an independent faith-based PreK through 6th grade private school that serves the local community; we add an additional higher grade every year, and look forward to adding 7th grade for the 2016-17 school year. We offer general academic instruction as well as religious education based on the teachings of Islam. Our small size fosters a close connection amongst students, staff, and families. We enjoy a wonderful mixture of nationalities across the globe.

        Our academic and religious studies programs blend traditional academic rigor with modern concepts of student-centered learning. We ensure that core competencies and skills aretaught in an individualized and differentiated style to reach each student. Our mindfulness of the whole child drives our instruction, and our constant awareness of helping to raise not only an academic student, but also a global student, keeps our focus clear: each student is unique and must be reached in that unique place. Our individualized instruction focuses on understanding personality styles, learning styles, and listening styles, and our teachers take each component into consideration to better serve the needs of all students.

        We use nationally recognized assessments to ensure that each child meets national and state child development standards. Our use of research-based best practices and benchmarks in our program will ensure that your child learns in a developmentally appropriate manner. The low teacher-to-student ratio allows our teachers to carefully monitor student work and progress. Furthermore, your child’s moral and religious values will be strengthened. Ideals such as honesty, integrity, respect, teamwork, and manners will be instilled. Religious beliefs and practices including Islamic studies, Quranic recitation, Character Education, and Arabic language are key to our program. So please take the initiative, invest in us, invest in your child’s future!

        To provide the best environment and education for our students, Annoor Academy requires ongoing professional development and training for all of our staff members. Instructional staff members are required to hold teacher certification. All of our academic teachers are state licensed, highly qualified teachers. All of our religious studies teachers are licensed and trained in their respective fields. Our academic and religious studies teachers participate in a wide variety of collaborative projects including professional learning communities, data action plan meetings, vertical planning meetings, school-based projects, event planning, and more.